Write In Cruz 2016

The best choice to save our country is here.

There has been much talk about Never Trump and Never Hillary, with Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party or Jill Stein of the Green Party seen as the only options. Yet, there is an option few have considered, and we present it to you here. Is Trump too much of a loose cannon? Can't deal with Hillary's lies and deceit? Not impressed with either of the third party candidates? There is still hope! Join our efforts to write-in Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina in the November 2016 General Election.


The purpose of this commitment drive is to send a message to BOTH major parties in this country that we REFUSE TO ACCEPT the choice of the few. We feel that the candidates that have been chosen to represent the two major parties represent dangerous ideals, principles, and track records.

You may feel that your voice is just one and will not be heard. A group of men angered by the lack of representation by those they were governed by felt the same way. They came together, hastily formed a group, created a document, and sought out public support. This group of men is known by history as the Continental Congress, and that document was the Declaration of Independence. They were unsure how their endeavor would end, but they knew that they could accomplish greatness with ONE VOICE AND THEN ANOTHER AND THEN ANOTHER..... the greatest empires were built one brick at a time, and our great nation is no exception. 

Will Your Vote Count?

This seems to be the question of the day. Many seem to be wondering if their vote counts, if their voice is being heard, or if their wishes for the direction of this nation are made known. Many think an endeavor like this will mean their vote is negated. This is not the case! Truth is, states make it nearly impossible for someone outside the two major parties to win. But, if we come together and speak as one voice, we can make a difference and force the parties to listen to us. There is strength in numbers, so let's prove it.

How Does Joining This Cause Help Me?

There are multiple groups that benefit from this movement! The first is obvious; those that wanted Ted Cruz to win the nomination will directly benefit from this movement. Yet, these are not the only voters that benefit. Those that are members of the Never Hillary or Never Trump movement can find a place to go, an answer to the question of what the alternative is without being forced to support a third party candidate they cannot find themselves supporting. Additionally, for those that don't see anyone on the political landscape that they would care to vote for, this can be seen as a reset button of sorts. By supporting this movement, we can create a situation in which no candidate receives 270 electoral votes, keeping both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as the third party candidates, out of the White House.

Make YOUR Voice Heard!